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Swiss Herbal Remedies Red Clover Tincture - 50ml

  • It is also used in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis and to treat a variety of cancers.
  • Traditionally has been used in the treatment of coughs and respiratory infections


Product Description

  • Trifolium grows abundantly on grassland, meadows and lawns and is found and used medicinally worldwide
  • Men should also remember that the isoflavones are good for treating prostate enlargement also.
  • This herb (or other phyto-oestrogen sources herbal or dietary) should be commenced at the first sign of any menopausal symptoms
  • Genistein, for example has been shown to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and prostate cancer cells
  • Trifolium basically, helps to maintain the health of tissues that rely on oestrogen for their health
  • Trifolium can even be added to creams and applied to the vaginal membranes as a treatment for vaginal dryness
  • Trifolium contains the four main isoflavone phyto-oestrogens
  • In fact, phyto-oestrogens are absorbed better if you have a healthy gut flora
  • Other herbs don't have all of them
  • It is also used in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis and to treat a variety of cancers
  • You can therefore take an acidophilus supplement along with the phyto-oestrogens to optimise their absorption
  • One of its constituents relaxes the airways
  • Whilst many herbalists still use Trifolium for skin disorders the discovery of its phyto-oestrogens have thrust Trifolium into the limelight as one of the best treatments for all menopausal symptoms
  • Trifolium contains the isoflavone phyto-oestrogens called, biochanin, genistein, daidzein and formononetin
  • It also contains the phyto-oestrogenic steroidal saponins beta-sitosterol and campesterol; the pro-sexual amino acids arginine, histidine, phenylalinine and tyrosine; niacin (a vitamin that opens up blood vessels); coumarins and coumestrol (both phyto-oestrogens).

    What we have here is an herb that is loaded with phyto-oestrogenic chemicals, the most important of which, when compared to other herbs, are the isoflavones
  • Long term use of Trifolium will help to reduce hot flushes and restore lost energy, thus enhancing quality of lifeÃ?¢?¦and sex life! Trifolium can also be used by women, of any age, who are exhausted by poor diet and lifestyle
  • Trifolium is the proper name for red clover, an herb most of us are familiar with
  • The isoflavones, when taken regularly, are definitely linked to lowered incidences of the hormone dependent cancers in a given population
  • The anti-cancer use is interesting nowadays in light of the fact that phyto-oestrogens are shown by research to have anti-cancer effects
  • This includes the bones, vaginal membranes and the heart and blood vessels
  • The part used medicinally is the dried flower head
  • Traditionally, Trifolium has been used medicinally in the treatment of coughs and respiratory infections such as whooping cough
  • Indeed, women are particularly well advised to make sure that there are sources of phyto-oestrogens such as beans and peas or soya in their diets all the time

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