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SwissHealth Fat Magnets - 200 Capsules

  • The capsules allow you to eat the food you enjoy by capturing a percentage of the fat it contains, in the stomach
  • SwissHealth Fat Magnets Capsules - 200: Fat Magnets are the revolutionary new weight control capsules, with the unique patented ingredient ChitosanPlex, a mixture of special natural activators and a fibre called Chitosan - an amino polysaccharide derived from shellfish shells
  • The matrix formed by Chitosan and fat behaves totally differently to the way fat normally does, as bound fat can pass safely through the digestive system


Product Description

  • This is possible because ChitosanPlex is an organically inert substance having a positive charge: fat has a negative charge and the two are consequently drawn to each other
  • First launched 5 years ago, Fat Magnets still represent the best fat binding product on the market
  • Usually, every gram of fat eaten is absorbed by the body, but with Fat Magnets a percentage travels through it undigested, thus assisting weight loss
  • The capsules are easy o take and, used sensibly, can be of real benefit to those looking to shed weight or wishing to maintain it at a suitable level
  • Many have indicated its ability to reduce weight, blood cholesterol levels and the plaque that builds up on the walls of arteries
  • Also, there are no unpleasant side effects associated with this natural product, unlike many weight loss drugs
  • The product is ideal for dieters and for those who occasionally like to indulge in rich foods but do not wish to pay the price
  • Taking Fat Magnets and gradually reducing fat intake could be the first important step to a slimmer, trimmer figure - without side effects
  • The results were staggering
  • The unique patented formula contains exactly the right proportion of vitamin C to ensure maximum fat absorption and also includes antioxidants in the form of indoles of broccoli, kale and mustard seed
  • Indeed, independent laboratory analysis has shown each Fat Magnet capsule can absorb 3.18 grams of fat
  • On average, those taking chitosan lost 3 more kilos than those on diets alone - without side effects
  • Chitosan has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies across the world
  • Recently a metanalysis of 5 trails undertaken on humans was carried out at a leading university in England - the studies al involved overweight people on diets, half of whom were given Chitosan and the other half placebo tablets

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