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System 125 Rectangular 150mm X 70mm Flat Channel 1 Metre


Product Description

  • Kair System 125 (SYS-125) Rectangular Ducting is designed for use with medium capacity extraction systems and cooker hoods
  • This pipe can be used as a part of a long ductwork run for a variety of purposes including whole house ventilation, passive stack vent, positive input, air conditioning, HVAC, and Heat Recovery Systems
  • Max / Min Temperature: +60c / -15c
  • Flat channel can be carefully cut to the required size using a hacksaw
  • Pipe ends are considered as male fittings and will fit inside Kair SYS-125 female fittings such as connectors or degree bends
  • Made in the UK using uPVC Plastic
  • Looking to connect to 125mm round ducting? You can use a straight adaptor (Part: " DUCVKC613 ")
  • Kair plastic ducting is lightweight, durable and suitable for a variety of uses
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  • Looking for an Alternative Size? Kair plastic 1 metre ducting pipe is available in the following sizes: Round Systems: 100mm Round (System 100) 125mm Round (System 125) 150mm Round (System 150) Rectangular Systems: 110mm x 54mm Rectangular (System 100) 150mm x 70mm Rectangular (System 125) 180mm x 95mm Rectangular (System 150) 204mm x 60mm Rectangular (System 204) 220mm x 90mm Rectangular (System 220) 234mm x 29mm Rectangular (System 225) 310mm x 29mm Rectangular (System 300) Looking for Compatible Fittings? Compatible with the extensive Kair SYS-125 range of fittings, outlets, and grilles
  • Airflow performance independently tested by BSRIA or BRE
  • Lengths of ducting can be joined together using a female connector (Part: " DUCVKC608 ")
  • Flat channel ventilation ducting pipe can be used a variety of ventilation purposes
  • Suitable to use in compliance with Part F Building Regulations
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  • Flat channel ducting clips can be used to fix ducting to walls and ceilings and support ducting tube (Part: " DUCVKC610 ")
  • Rigid flat pipe offers superior airflow performance to flexible ducting
  • It is perfectly suited for ducting your tumble dryer, Bathroom or Kitchen extractor fan, hydroponics, in-line extract fans, or cooker hood
  • It is perfect for flush fitting against ceilings and walls and can be concealed above wall units or inside ceiling voids
  • Lengths of ducting can be joined together using a female connector (Part: " DUCVKC608 ")
  • KAIR SYSTEM 125 (150MM X 70MM) RECTANGULAR FLAT CHANNEL DUCTING PIPE - 1 METRE LENGTH White plastic rectangular ducting pipe - 150mm x 70mm x 1000mm (1 metre length)
  • Kair plastic ducing is easy to install, just push-fit together & seal if required using a method of your choice (Popular options include silicone sealant, solvent cement , or tape .)
  • Alternatively use Rectangular-To-Round Male Elbow (Part: " DUCVKC606 ")
  • Free Air = 9674 mm2
  • Static Pressure Drop in Pascals: 15 l/s = 0.61 Pa - 30 l/s = 1.95 Pa - 60 l/s = 6.23 Pa
  • If your ducting passes through a particularly cold area, we would recommend considering using our pre-insulated ducting to avoid condensation building up within your ductwork

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