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Tagamoto Road Set Stop Sign Green Car

  • The colourful and explorative, battery-operated vehicles are powered by the patented HEXBUG Nano motion technology, which they use to zoom around a variety of configurable Tagamoto Road SetsTagamoto motorized vehicles read and react to codes placed on the roads with lights, sounds and movement, making each driving experience different
  • Each Tagamoto motorized vehicle features three different modes of customizable playThe Tagamoto Road Set is perfect for any first time driver, or seasoned collector looking to enhance an existing set
  • Tagamoto vehicles have working headlights and taillights, and more than 15 different sounds including engine revving, car horns and sirens that are activated by codes placed strategically on the road
  • Each Road Set comes with one collectible vehicle with lights & sounds that reacts to codes on the road, more than 10 bar-codes, and over 20 easy-to-connect pieces including one straight, four curves, one cul-de-sac, one three-way tee base, four street lights, one overhead road sign, three road cones or barrels, three street signs, one flip-down diverter, and one stop sign accessory
  • Tagamoto Motorized Vehicles & Road Sets are a collection of micro-sized cars, powered by high-tech, innovative movement and a new code reading system that provides interaction between kids and their vehicles more than ever before


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