TAPR11370 Takionic

Takionic Car Fuel Ionizer - Standard

  • Better mileage and the reduction of fuel consumption.


Product Description

  • The next thing you know is that we could have to wear gas masks in the street to filter the air we breathe - as they do already in some parts of Japan.

    The Fuel Ionizer serves to convert approximately 30% of the neutral ions within the petrol to produce usable energy
  • Petrol is designed to burn at 66% efficiency....the rest unnecessarily passes out to the environment through your exhaust pipe as exhaust fumes making the atmosphere increasingly toxic
  • The ionizers create a field of energy, which will penetrate any material substance and ionize the petrol in the tank
  • This creates less wear and tear on engine parts, more power and a smoother, cleaner running engine.

    Benefits of the Fuel Ionizer:
    Better mileage and reduction of fuel consumption
    More power from complete burning of the fuel
    Reduced emissions
    Quicker starting of engines
    Less shifting of gears with heavy loads

    Because you use more of the petrol that you put into your car, you will of course spend less on petrol, so not only will you be saving your pocket but you will be also saving the environment
  • However anything from 10% to 50% has been recorded.
  • By energising the dead, inactive ions in petrol you will get a more complete burning ratio
  • Installation takes about 2 to 3 minutes on any vehicle
  • By ionising the neutral ions in the petrol they are converted to charged ions pairs that then become useable energy
  • Prior to fuel ionisation, these neutral ions were discharged out of the engine exhaust as wasted, unburned fuel
  • As well as working on Unleaded petrol they also work or leaded and diesel powered engines as well, such as farm tractors, stationary engines, and every type of oil burning furnace (including home heating systems).

    By using this system, the fuel in your tank is burned more efficiently, resulting in less build-up of Carbon by-products in your engine
  • Due to different driving styles, condition of the car etc, we have found that all vehicles and drivers will experience slightly different results from the use of the Fuel Ionizer

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