TAPR10520 Takionic

Takionic Castle Locket (With Chain - No Beads)

  • Gold Plated Castle Locket with chain.


Product Description

  • One of the most important links with physical organs and chakras is the heart chakra and the thymus gland
  • Researchers are now beginning to discover powerful regulatory hormones which are produced by the Thymus
  • Many healers have reported back that their healing now feels more powerful, as by using the beads it helps them to tap into the 'Chi', 'Ki', 'Prana' - universal life force energy
  • Enhance your aura and look great today
  • Medical science now acknowledges that the thymus gland plays an important role in the regulation of the immune response
  • These are energetic pores in the skin through which subtle energy from the surrounding environment is carried through the body via the meridians, supplying nutritive 'Chi' energy to deeper organs, blood vessels and nervous system
  • These thymic hormones, known as thymosins, influence an individual's ability to fight off disease.

    Many Reiki Masters and Spiritual Healers are now using the 'Healing Castle' which opens up, and the Takionic beads can be placed inside
  • People just love the design and get many comments about it from friends and family.

    The necklace also cover various acupressure points in the wrist and around the neck
  • After all, the Takionic Jewellery serves more purpose than mere ornamentation.
  • The necklace and the pendants lie close to the throat and heart chakra points
  • It can hold up to twelve beads and this is a great way to get a kick start from the Takionic products

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Expected Despatch By 09/11/2016

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