TAPR12051 Takionic

Takionic Detox Foot Pad (Gold) - Set of 2

  • Made from 100% High Quality Natural Ingredients.
  • Detox your whole body while you sleep


Product Description

  • They help your body get rid of toxins and other impurities that have built up.

    Toxins are chemicals and substances that are found in foods, drinks, polluted air, medications, skin care products to name but a few
  • The Detox Pads however can be applied to any part of the body (back, hip, neck or any other area including joints)
  • Reflex points in the feet reflect the entire body and it is said 'by taking care of your feet you can walk to heaven'
  • Thermography tests show that the detox pads emit far infrared rays
  • CE certified.
  • The heat from the Detox Foot pads helps absorb perspiration from the bottom of the feet.

    The bottom of our foot is the location where most nerves in our body end
  • These foot pads simply involve putting two sticky patches to the soles of your feet overnight and by the morning you wake up feeling great
  • Many conditions can be eased and helped through regular detox.

    The detox foot pads work just like osmosis pressure in a plant
  • By stimulating these reflex points promotes equilibrium in the corresponding area of the body.

    The Detox Pad is best used on the sole of the foot to clean out waste and toxic materials that are expelled in the form of sweat
  • Light colours represent areas with a lighter temperature
  • Our bodies do not have the ability to expel all of these man-made toxins and they accumulate.

    A toxin overload can make you feel drained of energy and more susceptible to disease and infections
  • Dark colours represent areas with a lower temperature
  • Tree roots transport water to other branches utilising the semi-permeable membrane


The Gold Edition contains Tourmaline and exerts a cleansing and liberating energy upon our entire nervous system with a cleansing and stablizing effect. Best known as one of the only minerals to emit far infrared heat and negative ions. It is also known to be able to increase Alpha waves in our brain.

The Green Tea Edition - EGCG found in Green tea may benefit joint health and bowel resistance to inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics and may assist in weight loss since studies indicate that it may increase metabolic rate without side effects.

Many people feel the effects on the first night and the more pads you use the more toxins you will remove. You will generally notice the residue on the pads lightening sometime after the first week of use. Best to use in pairs.

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