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Takionic Magnetech Magnetic Healer

  • Magnetic Therapy has long proved to be a simple, powerful and entirely painless method of dealing with most illnesses, injuries and other ailments without creating side effects.


Product Description

  • Bone fractures heal much faster
  • The MagneTech is supplied with an adaptor which runs on both electricity or battery.

    The MagneTech has been passed as a Class II Type B F Medical Device.
  • Scars after an operation heal faster

    It has since been discovered that a permanent magnet became many times more powerful when it was rotated
  • Magnets have two poles, North & South
  • Magnetic Therapy enables the body to regain control.

    The MagneTech can be used also to magnetise foods and liquids
  • The application of Magnetic Therapy has now taken a giant leap forward with the development of the new MagneTech, which creates a much stronger pure bipolar magnetic field than before.

    Numerous tests on humans using double blind tests have shown, among other things, that Magnetic Therapy has the following influences:
  • The North pole calms the body down and the South pole revitalises the body.

    The Magnets in the MagneTech not only become 20 times stronger when rotated, so you get a field of about 20 - 30 thousand gauss, but because the poles change over 260 times a second, it is too fast for the body to recognise poles, so the body gets a 'pure' magnetic field which can be used anywhere on the body for any health problem or injury.

    Due to their low density, using strong permanent magnets, causes no trauma and provides a sustained and stable effect, which can be continuously applied with no danger to cells, tissues or nerves and without any fear of aggravation
  • This also produces a beneficial bipolar effect
  • Blood circulation to the body's extremities improves
  • For many years people have magnetised foods and liquids and found it a healthy way of applying Magnetic Therapy to their digestive system
  • Oxygen absorption via the lung increases
  • By incorporating the strongest commercially available permanent magnets the lightweight MagneTech was developed


"I have been using the MagneTech for three weeks and have been astonished with the miraculous healing effect this marvellous apparatus has had. My legs are slowly regaining strength, the hearing difficulties are no longer being experienced and the fatigue has decreased. The dreadful pain in my back and neck has virtually disappeared despite no longer using pain killers. I can now get out of my wheelchair and walk about.'
John A. Dorset with Multiple Sclerosis

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