TAPR11120 Takionic

Takionic Pocket Massager

  • Activate and stimulate your personal healing energy with this pocket massager.


Product Description

  • It radiates Tachyon Energy that activates and stimulates your personal healing "Chi" energy
  • Use it at home, at work, while travelling etc
  • This causes your cells to age faster and become unhealthy
  • Takionic® products help break up large water clusters, thereby improving assimilation of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of wastes
  • Studies reveal that even after drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, many people still show signs of dehydration
  • Improve your performance in sports, at work, home or school - anywhere, anytime - all the time.

    Increase strength, endurance and stamina
    Increase 'Chi' (vital life energy)
    Enhance mental clarity and focus
    Accomplish more with less effort
    Relieve general aches and pains
    Relieve stress and tension
    Feel young all life long

    Prevention is a lot cheaper and easier than cure.

    80-90% faster results and completely natural

    Fluids in your body cannot effectively transport oxygen and nutrients to your cells or remove toxins from them due to large water clusters
  • Many things rob you of energy and vitality - pollution, electromagnetic radiation, poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress
  • In other words, YOU stay youthful all life long
  • It powerfully restores vitality, yet it's easy to use and fits right into your pocket
  • The mental and physical experience of Tachyon energy is a complete sense of well-being.

    Use the massager to relieve tension in your sore, tired muscles & stimulate acupressure points on your body
  • Massage your face in upward circular motions by applying Palmitoon Dew Oil to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin
  • It is a well-known fact in the Orient that low energy and vitality is a major cause of many health problems.

    What Takionic® products do for you

    Wear a Takionic® Pro-Performance Belt, put on a pair of Takionic® wristbands, or slip on a pair of Takionic® insoles and feel your whole body come alive
  • (Collagen is the firm support for the skin's youthfulness.)

    The Massager is a wonderful companion for people on the go
  • Cells maintain their youthful vitality and optimum health.

    Energy, Circulation: Keys to youthful vitality and longevity

    Experience dramatic improvement with Takionic® products in minutes
  • This Pocket Massager is an exciting, inner healing breakthrough
  • Feel your skin awaken to youthful energy! Tachyon Energy rays pulsate deeply into the dermal layer of skin to invigorate natural oils and accelerate reproduction of natural collagen
  • This device works anywhere, anytime! See and feel your natural beauty shine through!

    Simply stated - low energy leads to the loss of your youthful vitality which often results in injuries and ill-health
  • On a spiritual and emotional level, Tachyon's "zero point" always vibrates to centredness, balance and harmony
  • Without energy, life cannot exist
  • The cells are being starved of oxygen and nutrients while your body accumulates wastes and toxins.

    Takionic® products have been shown to improve micro-circulation
  • ("Chi" energy is the physical flow of inner life force.) Tachyon Energy resonates to a vacuum of "zero point" degrees
  • This ensures that each of the 60 - 70 trillion cells in your body receive the vitality they need so they do not age prematurely

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