TAPR12080 Takionic

Takionic Relax Snore Stopper

  • Looking for a good night's sleep? Let those around you sleep and stop snoring once and for all!


Product Description

  • The tissue sags, narrowing the air passage and causing one to inhale more forcefully
  • This in turn causes the tissue at the back of the throat to vibrate.

    Seeking a simple and effective solution to snoring has been a major concern for millions of people around the world
  • Your snoring problem could be a thing of the past, and you never again will have restless nights because of your snoring, get up tired in the morning, or worry about your partner leaving the bedroom
  • Requires 1 x AAA battery (not included).
  • Snoring occurs when the muscles of the throat, tongue and soft palate relax during deep sleep
  • There is no need for surgery, dental implants and no need to take pills.

    The Relax Snore Stopper will save your snoring problems and could even save your marriage!!! By wearing this device on your wrist the snore stopper listens for snores and will then gently stimulate the wrist to encourage a change in sleeping position and a quiet night, all without waking you!!!

    It's capable of detecting sound between 10-75 decibels and the intensity level of the impulse can be adjusted from 5MA to 35MA
  • No lifestyle change is needed, sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed

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Expected Despatch By 09/11/2016

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