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Takionic Silver Earth Energy Pendant

  • Earth Energy Pendant is designed to protect you from EMF radiation, it is said that this remarkable pendant also "tunes" you to the Earth's magnetic forces!

Product Description

Designed to protect you from EMF radiation, it is said that this remarkable pendant also "tunes" you to the Earth's magnetic forces!

"I find the Earth Energy Pendant to be very grounding and centering to the body. Used on patients it produces a very balanced effort.... Of special benefit is its protective qualities against electromagnetic pollution and interferences."
Dr. William F. Welles DC, San Diego

Developed by a physicist, specializing in the measurement of electromagnetic forces, the Earth Energy Pendant works as a form of grounding device for more and more pervasive fields surrounding our computers, T.V's and powerlines. Earth energy is all around us and comes directly from the earth core. The physical manifestation of earth energy is the earth's natural geomagnetic field. In today's environment we are not only deficient in sunlight and oxygen, but we are also deficient in geomagnetism. The Earth Energy Pendant has made it not only possible to correct for deficiences in earth energy, but for you to harness this earth energy for your benefit.

Wearing the Earth Energy Pendant concentrates earth energy in the chest and thymus areas and stimulates that region. The thymus is the body's immunity centre. Activate the thymus and strengthen your body's immunity.

The Earth Energy Pendant resonates your body to earth vibrations and detunes it to harmful man-made electromagnetic emissions. It also grounds the wearer to the centre of the earth. The wearer becomes centred and focused.

Other effects have also been observed. For instance, B. Carter, who is a professional photographer, has photographic plates showing energy flares emitting from the pendant. Others claim relief from physical disorders and a remarkable sense of renewed energy.

The Earth Energy Pendant is a tiny energy rod made of magnetic alloys. Under its silver cap a rare Takionic® Energy Bead is mounted. The Earth Energy Pendant is tuned to the "Schumann Resonance" (7.83 cycles/second) sometimes called the "brainwave of the planet". Remarkably effective for many users the world over! Comes with a silk cord, instructions and velvet gift pouch.

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