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Takionic The Tachyon Field Book - 120 Pages

  • A ground breaking book about tachyon energy.


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  • The word Tachyon was forst coined in 1966 by a scientist called Feinberg who talked about particles travelling faster than the speed of light.

    Nicola Tesla based much of his work on the theory that there was free energy and said in the early 1930's, "There is a field of energy - unlimited energy - that can be harnessed"
  • Since the early 1900's scientists have been trying to tap into the Tachyon Field
  • Finally the book concludes with original contributions from several Italian scientists including one on the relationship of Tachyon energy and radionics.

    This ground breaking book will attempt to explain the existence of this field of unlimited energy, and how to tap into it, for health, as well as for a better environment
  • This section also includes a series of previously unpublished, and extremely relevant scientific data, obtained through instrumental analysis in both private and university laboratories in Italy and America
  • It is a bridge for a better quality of life and we invite you to study and make up your own mind.
  • Not only showing how these fields affect our own energy fields but also how they can be restored.

    Tachyon energy differs from other forms of energy in that it is not of the electromagnetic realm
  • The single most important aspect of Tachyon energy is its amazing ability to create order out of chaos, or in scientific words, an anti-entropy
  • This means that it promotes harmony and balance in the body.

    The book is broken up into three parts: firstly, a general introduction to the alternative theories of physics that are the basis of a real scientific and technological revolution
  • These scientists have worked on the edge of physics and on the brink of proving theories that would uproot almost all of the physical sciences as we know them.

    Since the early 1970's in Japan they also started to use this technology on a more medical level
  • By creating a balance within the body they knew it had the potential to heal and, with prevention being easier than cure, a group of scientists started to look at how tachyon energy would affect us when introduced to the human frame.

    This 120 page book on the Tachyon Field, after years of research by the author, gives us some of the latest information on tachyon energy
  • Not only on the concept and how we might utilize this free energy in the future, but also some of the latest information and research - especially in conjunction with EMF's (electromagnetic fields) from computers, mobile phones, VDU's etc
  • According to Professor Tiller of Stanford University, Tachyon exists in the magneto-electric (etheral) realm
  • The second part is a study of the application of the tachyon field, carried out through the analysis of some recently conceived, highly sophisticated products which are capable of interacting with biological matter, and which allow our ability to intercept the tachyon field to be enhanced


Having done a lot of research into Tachyon energy over the years I have come across many books which touch briefly on the Tachyon field. However this is the most in-depth and well presented. It takes you through a step by step process as well as giving research to back up the scientific claims. A book that will add new dimensions to your knowledge and understanding. A truly ground breaking book.

Naoji Harasaki Ph.D

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