BFUK14959 Supre Tan

Tanning Lotion Supre Selfie Black 25x Bronzer Sachet Body Care Lotion Supre Bronzer

  • Body Care Lotion
  • This Instant Dark Bronzing Formula will leave you looking dark while a daring blend of Coffee Caffeine and Green Tea gives your skin an energy boost for a tan that stands out in a crowd
  • Product DescriptionOh man where did you get that tan? You will surprise yourself with how dark you get in an instant when you use Photo Bomb Ultra Dark Bronzer
  • So get ready to experience where did you come from color with Photo Bomb! Instant Bronzers with DHA provide a rush of darkness that continues to develop after UV exposure Dark Tanning Blend of natural tan enhancers prepare the skin for in your face color
  • A bold skin care blend gives your skin a boost of energy for a radiant glow that looks alive
  • Fresh Breeze Fragrance
  • Size: 10.1 oz / 0.57 oz packette
  • Body Care Lotion
  • Bronzer Sachet

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Black 25x Bronzer Sachet





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