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Tao Rooibos Tea - 330ml

  • Tao Rooibos Tea. Indulge yourself with the delicate TAO Pure Infusion, a subtle marriage or South African red bush tea with scents of plum and elder blossom flowers. Revel in the soft hazelnut aroma and smooth after taste. Tao Pure Infusion Rooibos Tea offers you the best of South Africa.

Product Description

No preservatives

TAO drinks do not contain any preservatives. The ingredients’ high level of purity, combined with the hygienic packaging chain and a thermal process, allows the TAO drinks to conserve their taste and properties right up to their use-by date without requiring the addition of preservatives.


TAO Pure Infusion is naturally aware of what is right for a healthy, balanced diet. And extra calories have no place in the temple, your body. So we have limited the calorie count as much as possible by ensuring that the sugars contained only come from the exquisite plants which go to make up TAO Pure Infusion. Open a TAO Pure Infusion and be serenely transported by its delicious flavours, whole-heartedly and feeling good.


Water, natural fruit sweetener, lemon juice from concentrate (2%), concentrated rooibos tea infusion (0.27%), plum juice from concentrate (0.2%), elder blossom extract (0.04%), antioxidant ascorbic acid, passion flower extract (0.003%).

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