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Tech Support Card Game


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  • The Guru!

    There is one big twist to this game though..
  • In Tech Support each player takes on the role of not only a caller but also the tech support system itself! Reroute callers, disconnect their call, misdirect their call! All of this you do until you draw the one card that can win you the game..
  • This is where the true game within the game lies
  • You do not get to play the cards in your own hand! That's right, the cards in your hand can not be used by you
  • Now, don't get scared
  • it is Tech Support!

  • You may not be able to play cards from your own hand, but that does not mean the cards in your hand have no value or use to you
  • Quite the contrary.

    Let's say you have a card such as touch tone prompt, which allows a player to take another turn right away
  • You don't want one of the other players to draw it, do you? of course not! So it becomes your job to bluff the other players into thinking all you have are bad cards
  • Then, as soon the opportunity arises, get that card out of your hand! Pass it to another player and draw it from their hand!

    What trickery is this you ask? It is not trickery..
  • Now, that's a good card, an extra turn, right away
  • Make them think drawing from your hand will make them lose a turn rather then get a free turn

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