LRRS12514 Learning Resources

Telling The Time & Understanding Elasped Time

  • Time fraction circles provide a hands-on, visual representation of units of time to help young learners with telling the time, identifying intervals of time and understanding elapsed time
  • Ages 6-10
  • Learning Resources About Time - Telling The Time & Understanding Elasped Time.Supports children with telling the time in a hands-on, visual way


Product Description

  • This all inclusive kit contains everything you need to teach a variety of time telling skills:
    Read the time
    Set times
    Visualise the relationship between intervals of time up to one hour
    Time equivalencies
    Elapsed time

    Set of 36 includes:
    Seven whole hour circles
    One half hour circle
    One quarter of an hour circle
    One third of an hour circle
    One sixth of an hour circle
    One twelfth of an hour circle
    Wipe-clean 24-hour clock activity card with moveable hands
    Wipe-clean elapsed time number line
    Multilingual activity guide
    Plastic time fraction circles feature the written fraction on one side and a pictorial representation on the other
    Unique time fraction circles work alongside the analogue clock
    Time number line extends the learning to adding and subtracting time, elapsed time and problem solving with time
    Number line features spaces to enter the corresponding written time
    Time number line measures 72cm L x 16cm H
    Time circles measure 8.5cm D
    Features multilingual packaging

Manufactured by

Learning Resources Ltd








Age Range

6 years - 10 years




Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016
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