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Templar The Secret Treasures Family Board Game


Product Description

  • Players take the role of a Templar hiding the order's treasure from the King and his spies
  • Some inhabitants will interfere with the Templar plans
  • The new prior Severus prevents any activity because he is no Templar
  • The rooms of the abbey are where you hide your treasures.

    Each player gets a hand of 11 cards (each hand is the same)
  • Vitus, an enemy spy, has been sent by King Philip to control whatever our abbot Remigius has done.

    At the end of the game, in addition to treasures recognized by the abbot during the game, each player will be awarded extra recognition for seal rings hidden in the church (the largest room) and for the number of rooms in which he has hidden items
  • They also allow you to hide treasure and go to the harbor for more.
  • In Templar, by Jesús Torres Castro, you take the role of a Templar and protect your treasure from the King and outwit his spies.

    Templar, by Jesús Torres Castro, is a game for 2-5 players
  • The Templar who successfully hides the most treasure in the abbey wins the game.

    Every inhabitant of the abbey has different skills: some monks can help to hide the treasures, when the abbot visits a room, he examines the hidden treasures and recognizes the Templar(s) who hid the treasures, his sister can bring new items into the abbey, others can move items or open and close doors.

    But all is not well in the abbey
  • The end game rewards encourage the Templars to move about the abbey and strategize where they are going to place their Order's treasures.

    The neutral treasure tiles are drawn from the bag and placed in the warehouses on the harbor board, which sits beside the abbey board
  • One of the cards is for end game scoring
  • The other 10 cards are used to move special characters and yourself around the main board

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