ELGS12617 Unbranded

Tenax Bird Netting Fruit Cage Black - 2 x 10m

  • Non-tangle
  • These products are specifically designed to protect your vegetables, flowers, plants, fruits, trees, gardens, ponds and other areas from invasion by nuisance birds
  • The netting can also be used for other purposes such as effective erosion control on newly seeded slopes and keeping leaf piles in place on windy days
  • It is inexpensive, rot and rust proof, and resistant to both UV rays and chemical agents
  • Made by Tenax, mesh size: 10mm x 10mm
  • This bird barrier netting is lightweight and easy to handle and install
  • m x 10m Tenax Quality Black Bird/Fruit Cage Netting Anti butterfly Square mesh for constructing protective frameworks around fruit and vegetables
  • Black polypropylene is extruded into strong square meshes with small openings
  • The colour of the netting is black, and made of extruded plastic.


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