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TensCare Sports Tens 2 Muscle Toning and Pain Relief Unit

  • TensCare Sports Tens 2 Muscle Toning and Pain Relief Unit

Product Description

Sports TENS 2 offers powerful muscle toning and pain relief for a wide range of sports.\r\nIt builds and tones muscle, relieves injury pain, and gives relaxing massage.\r\nIt has multiple functions - with 27 EMS programmes, 10 TENS programmes, 10 massage programmes, and 4 user-defined programmes.
\r\n-Muscle training to improve endurance performance
\r\n-Muscle training to support the strengthening of certain muscles or muscle groups in order to achieve desired changes to body proportions
\r\n-Sports training: warm up, strength, speed, power, resistance, endurance, and recovery
\r\n-Rehabilitation in relation to sports injury
\r\n-Muscle training and fighting the fat
\r\n-Programmes for face, tummy, upper arms and cellulite
\r\n-TENS pain relief
\r\n-Programmes give a relaxing, resting effect
\r\n-Muscle relaxation
\r\n-Special leg massage programme for swollen legs and varicose veins
\r\nLi-ion mobile phone style battery
\r\nUnique locking lead and built-in cable tidy
\r\nComfortable strength control in 1mA steps and Constant Current
\r\nPower - 99mA into 1kOhm - enough for the largest muscles
\r\n9 three stage preset muscle stimulation programmes, each with settings for small, medium, and large muscle groups = 27
\r\n2 fully adjustable manual muscle stimulation programmes
\r\nActive rest in muscle stimulation programmes
\r\n10 preset and 2 manual TENS programmes
\r\n10 massage programmes
\r\nSpecial massage programmes for swelling reduction
\r\nDetailed usage memory - sufficient for a 30-day exercise programme with 3 uses per day
\r\nIncludes 2 connection leads, 4 self-adhesive electrode pads, Li-ion battery, charging cradle, illustrated manual and storage pouch
\r\nTechnical Specifications
\r\nOutput: 99mA
\r\nChannels: 2
\r\nWaveform: Asymmetric, biphasic, balanced
\r\nTENS: 2-150 Hz, 50-300 uS
\r\nEMS: 10-120 Hz, 50-50 uS
\r\nDimensions: 115x56x23 mm
\r\nPower: BL-6F Li-ion battery 3.7V, 1100mAh with charging cradle
\r\nStandard TENS Warnings:
\r\nDo not use if you may be pregnant
\r\nDo not use if you have a pacemaker

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