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Termination Incorporated Board Game


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  • To attack, a player must get within range of a chosen target and announce who is to be attacked
  • Under the surface of a peaceful society, legend persists about people called Gangsters and the glamorous lifestyle they lead.

    These Gangsters used hits to protect their interests, and it is said that the best contract hitters worked for Termination Incorporated.
    To satisfy the people's need for combat, the controlling Council devised a tournament to be held in vast stadiums in front of thousands of ecstatic, yelling fans.

    Here combatants use stealth, courage and tactical awareness to out manoeuvre and attack their opponents, scoring points with their Electric Pulse Discharge Guns, then making their escape using the hard laser walls as cover.

    Many tried and failed, but eventually the very best of the very best were able to compete for the trophy called Termination Incorporated.

    Players move around the board, counting along squares, using the numbers on their manoeuvre cards in the order that they appear

  • The game can be played in teams of two or three, with the team members positioned so that they do not follow each other directly.

    For a quick an easy game, you can use the dice for your manoeuvres.

    Finally, why not try the knockout game?
    Who needs enemies with friends who play like this?
  • He or she then gives up an e.p.d
  • disc and rolls the dice to find out how many points have been scored.

    Now escape! Using another manoeuvre card you can run away

  • Entering a reload station, reloads a players e.p.d
  • gun so that he or she, once again, has four discs.

    A player plays a shield card by laying it face down in front of himself or herself at the end of their turn.

    Bluff shield cards have no effect but genuine shield cards prevent an attack having any effect.

    Guarantee cards are used as a substitute for one of the dice when an attack is taking place
  • Luckily, the use of your electro pulse discharge gun has temporarily changed your molecular structure and you can run straight through walls

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