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That Protein Hemp and Baobab - 250g

  • Hemp Protein Powder with Baobab - often referred to as “The lost crop of the Incas” provides you with a high level of vitamin C and essential minerals
  • That protein plant protein, vegan, vegetarian nutrition mixes are the perfect addition to any nutrition plan.
  • That Protein Hemp and Baobab


Product Description

  • It has a mild, nutty taste and provides a great source of protein
  • Hemp has been grown for thousands of years and the roots have been used in traditional medicine by ancient Eastern civilisations from as early as 2,600 BC
  • The whole seeds - including the hulls - are gently cold pressed so there is no risk of heat exposure degrading the fragile essential fatty acids, and the rich oil is filtered off and stored, leaving the solid protein-loaded residue that we use in that protein's Hemp Protein Powder with Baobab.


    This majestic powder offers more vitamin C than oranges, more iron than red meat and is a source of alkalising minerals, calcium, potassium and magnesium
  • The hemp plants are allowed to grow for around 16 weeks, and harvested in the autumn when the mature seeds begin to burst out of the ripe seed heads
  • The Baobab tree Adansonia digitata is a member of the Bombacaceae family and is also known as the “upside down tree”
  • Before the domestication of other crops such as rice and barley, the seeds of the hemp plant were cultivated as an edible grain, and ground and boiled to make a porridge.

    The hemp plants which produce our seeds are grown organically on farms in Romania, Canada and China
  • Our organic Baobab powder is from the pure, raw fruit of the regal baobab tree found in certified organic reserves in Malawi
  • On pollination by fruit bats, it produces large green or brownish fruits which contain a soft, whitish, powdery, pulp and kidney-shaped seeds
  • Supplements are made from the fruit pulp
  • that protein plant protein, vegan, vegetarian nutrition mixes are the perfect addition to any nutrition plan.
  • After harvesting, the raw hemp seeds are cleaned and passed through a fine sieve to remove any debris, before running through metal and stone detectors to ensure that only pure seed is further processed

    Bursting with amino acids and protein for healthy muscles, skin, hair and nails as well as vitamin C which reduces tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the immune system and fibre to help towards a healthy digestive system.


    With a similar profile to egg, Hemp has long been recognised as an excellent source of complete plant protein and contains all the essential amino acids your body needs every day to be healthy and well but can’t make itself
  • It is one of the most exciting new nutrition developments in recent times

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