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The Art of Seamless Knitting


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  • With The Art of Seamless Knitting, take your knowledge of top-down, bottom-up, and seamless knitting to a higher level by learning how to convert and adapt lace, cable, and color patterns to circular knitting and shaping techniques
  • Seamless and top-down knitting have become extremely popular techniques with knitters over the past few years: they knit up quickly, give a custom fit, and do not require sewing

  • Small accessory projects begin each section as a way for readers to "test-drive" various techniques before launching into full-sized garments.

    Authors Faina and Simona also offer tips on how to alter the garment patterns by substituting other stitch patterns

  • You will also learn about increasing and decreasing in different types of pattern stitches (lace, cables, textured stitches), making a button band as part of a body, making faux "side seams" for a flawless pattern display, and customizing seamless or nearly seamless lace, cable, and other designs
  • The Art of Seamless Knitting delves into a deep understanding of seamless knitting, showing different modes of construction and stitch pattern adaptations for seamless (or nearly-seamless) knits while also offering a beautiful collection of 12 elegant, sophisticated, and timeless designs
  • The authors will offer short discussions on designing seamless knits with lace, cables, and texture, as well as provide tips and tricks with each design in order for knitters to be able to make customizations and create unique pieces for themselves
  • While there are plenty of titles on the topic, up until now there has not been a book that goes further than very basic garment construction
  • In addition to offering a beautiful collection of classic and elegant knitwear designs, The Art of Seamless Knitting is the go-to hands-on reference book that can be enjoyed for years to come.


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