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The Damned Die Hard Philippines 41 War Game


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  • On May 6th, 1942, the day before the Battle of the Coral Sea, one month before the US victory at the Battle of Midway, a radio operator named Irving Strobing from New York, sent the last message from 'the Rock', Corregidor
  • The units are divisions, regiments and battalions and each turn is 1 week.
  • On day 60 the commander of the Japanese forces, General Homma, was so confident of victory that he sent his crack 48th mountain division back to the High Command reserve
  • General Homma and the high command had woefully estimated the spirt and the capabilities of the US forces
  • The game includes 840 counters, 3 maps and more
  • Based on the award winning Europa series of games
  • The Japanese predicted total victory in 75 days
  • About ten days later, General Homma was relieved of commans and replaced by General Yamashita
  • The Imperial Japanese armed forces had landed and fought their way to the entrance of the tunnel complex where the surviving American and Filipinos, exhausted and wounded waited for their surrender order

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