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The Food Doctor Apple and Walnut Diet Bar - Pack of 20 x 35g

  • This highly nutritious bar is made from real juicy apples and chopped walnuts.


Product Description

  • Providing a delicious combination of subtle flavours without too much sweetness, but with lots of fibre and protein, this highly nutritious bar really hits the spot between meals to maintain blood sugar levels and a useful source of protein and fibre
  • This highly nutritious bar is made from real apples and walnuts, with sunflower, hemp and linseeds, papaya, quinoa and buckwheat
  • The pectin from the apples also has a useful function in cleansing the body, and the walnuts are a good source of Omega-3 essentail fatty acids.


Apple 24.7%, Walnuts 9.9%, Fructo-oligosacharide, Polydextrose, Water, Sunflower Kernels 6.9%, Hulled Hemp Seed 5.9%, Linseed 4.9%, Papaya 2.9%, Rice Protein, Puffed Quinoa 2.4%, Rice Bran, Buckwheat Puffs 1.4%, Linseed Oil.


The Food Doctor nutritional practice was co-founded in 1999 by Ian Marber, a leading nutritionist and acknowledged expert in his field. Now, some 7 years later, The Food Doctor is a unique concept that provides sensible advice for achieving a healthier plan for life. This is achieved through: ‘one to one’ personal consultations with one of The Food Doctor nutritional therapists, led by Ian Marber and The Food Doctor series of books on nutrition and diet. Each in turn addresses how important food and nutritional choices are whilst trying to achieve and then maintain optimum health.

The Food Doctor products appeal to a wide population including anyone interested in their personal health and well being. The range includes healthy snacks, cereal bars, seed mixes and Perfect Start cereals.

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