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The Food Doctor Cacao & Tangerine Granola - 425g

  • Cacao & tangerine granola with wholesome toasted seeds and baked oat flakes.
  • The Food Doctor Cacao & Tangerine Granola


Product Description

  • In case we forget, it is also high in fibre, a good source of protein, and best ever has no added sugars, salt, artificial preservatives or flavours - just naturally nutritious with skimmed milk, low fat yogurt or enjoy by itself in clusters - irrestistable!

    *Contains naturally occuring sugars.
  • An irresistably delicious & wholesome oat granola baked with cacao nibs and Spanish orange essence, muddled with dried tangerine and our highly nutritious blend of seeds for a wonderful start to any day


From an early start, The Food Doctor has been successful in establishing itself as a visible brand in the field of healthier eating with the launch of our range of food products, which has been gradually aimed at making dietary decisions that much simpler. Trusted and frequently quoted as a brand to watch (Mintel) The Food Doctor products appeal to a wide population including anyone interested in their personal health and well being.

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