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The Food Doctor Multigrain Chip Thins - 85g

  • The Food Doctor Multigrain Chip Thins
  • We have enhanced the Crisp Thins range with a large bag for sharing based on the goodness of 5 grains in line with our 10 Principles
  • Whole wheat, corn, rice oats & barley
  • Delivering a totally natural flavour


Product Description

The Food Doctor Multigrain Chip Thins

A truly innovative new product range that brings taste and health to the crisp and snacking market. Crisp Thins are made from 50% corn and 50% soy without a potato in sight. They deliver on The Food Doctor’s Principles of helping you to make healthier choices that don’t impinge on your life-style.

  • Popped rather than baked or fried The Food Doctor Crisp Thins contain less than 99 calories per bag whilst also delivering high levels of protein (25%) & fibre
  • 80% of people eat too little fibre in their diet, so this is a delicious and healthy answer to that problem
  • Our Crisp Thins are also 50% lower in saturated fat than standard fried potato based crisp snacks
  • As with all The Food Doctor products these Crisp Thins are a delicious addition to any snacking occasion for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and complement The Food Doctor’s Wholesome Pots healthy snacks
  • Our Crisp Thin flavours are all 100% natural without artificial additives, responding to the demands of those looking for more excitement and a challenge in the somewhat tame offers in the potato crisp market, and without any of the normal guilty health connotations!

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Expected Despatch By 27/10/2016
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