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The Food Doctor Wholegrain Spelt Crackers - 200g

  • A deliciously crispy base for any tasty toppings.
  • The Food Doctor Wholegrain Spelt Crackers


Product Description

  • Baked using only spelt flour, without yeast or any preservatives they are perfectly natural and delicious any time of the day
  • Spelt is an ancient grain that is ideal for a low fat, balanced diet
  • Enjoy topped with cottage cheese or houmous with celery, tomato or cucumber.
  • They are naturally high in fibre and provide a good source of protein and complex carbohydrates that break down slowly providing a sustained release of energy


The Food Doctor nutritional practice was co-founded in 1999 by Ian Marber, a leading nutritionist and acknowledged expert in his field. Now, some ten years later, The Food Doctor is a unique concept that provides sensible advice for achieving a healthier plan for life. This is achieved through: ‘one to one’ personal consultations with one of The Food Doctor nutritional therapists, led by Ian Marber and The Food Doctor series of books on nutrition and diet. Each in turn addresses how important food and nutritional choices are whilst trying to achieve and then maintain optimum health.

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