BKOO10574 The Konjac Diet

The Konjac Diet

  • Konjac based diets are going to be the next big thing in the diet world
  • The Konjac Diet by Yinka Thomas MSc RNutr
  • Konjac is a 'starchy' food that gives us the qualities of a carbohydrate but without the starch and calories
  • Nutritionist and writer Yinka Thomas explains how you can lose and manage weight effortlessly by incorporating this 'wonder' food into your diet
  • She specialises in weight management and healthy ageing
  • Yinka Thomas is a registered nutritionist and health writer
  • When we cut carbohydrate foods out of our diets, as in the Atkins or Dukan Diets, weight loss is often rapid, however the weight goes back on when we resume eating them
  • She has an MSc in Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity from St Mary's University College, Surrey where she undertook research into non-invasive methods of slowing and reversing ageing
  • The reason is that they are perfect for a diet and weight management plan - they are zero net calories; they fill you up; and they can be eaten with a variety of dishes
  • Because it doesn't provide the body with the energy it would get from usual carbohydrate foods, the body has to break down its fat stores for energy - resulting in weight loss and a leaner body
  • Yinka has contributed health articles to publications including The Mail on Sunday You magazine, Woman's Own, She, Top Sante and Good Housekeeping, and has written books on subjects ranging from healthy pregnancy to curing back pain.


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