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The Phantom League Board Game


Product Description

  • You become a captain of a spaceship and try to become the most famous – or the most notorious – skipper on the interstellar trading lanes.

    Phantom League is a game for 2-6 daring space adventurers
  • Phantom League is a space exploration and trading game, inspired by the legendary computer game classic Elite
  • The board is completely modular and the captains and spaceships have different abilities, making each game different
  • You can build your career through trading, piracy, space exploration, completing missions and even ruthless elimination of competition, so there are multiple ways of winning the game
  • You can even band with other captains to form alliances, the so-called Phantom Leagues, improving your chances against more powerful opponents.

    This game is ideal for gamers who enjoy a strong theme and have a weak spot for space operas
  • This is your chance to become the greatest free trading interstellar captain!

    This game features:
    - A modular board – every game is different
    Card-driven game play – you, not the dice, are in control of the game
    - A wide range of actions and strategies – there is no single best way to win
    - Cooperative and competitive interaction – choose when to ally with or conspire against other players

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