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The Pink Whisk Guide to Bread Making


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  • The smell from the oven, the sense of achievement in having turned a staple food into something extra special..
  • Home baking is always satisying, but maybe it's most satisfying when you're baking your own bread

  • Just set aside some time to follow Great British Bake Off-finalist Ruth Clemens' illustrated step-by-step instructions.

    Ruth's Pink Whisk Guide to Bread Making shows you what makes a delicious homemade loaf - and her techniques and troubleshooting sections are a great way for the bread-making beginner to get started as smoothly as possible

  • Crusty cobb, ciabatta with olive oil, chocolate and hazelnut wheel, teacakes, danish pastries and savoury bagels: there are breads for every occasion, each with its own variation to show how you can mix things up and make bread that suits your own family and friends' tastes perfectly.

  • But Ruth gives you more than the facts: she explains why you should do certain things at certain stages, exactly the sort of attention to understanding that's often missed in baking books
  • And you might be surprised to find that it's not a labour-intensive job
  • And you'll soon be able to apply this understanding not only to the book's wide variety of recipes for loaves of all shapes and sizes but to your own creations.

    Ruth's recipes are in three sections organised by method: straightforward doughs in Brilliant Basics, pre-fermented doughs in Perfect Pre-ferments, and recipes with slightly different methods in Further Favourites


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