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The Red Dragon Inn - Ozrik The Adept


Product Description

  • Now he travels the world as an adventurer
  • Each Allies set includes a single Character Deck, plus components to add a brand new character to your game.
  • Carefully managing your hand to build these powerful combos will be the key to victory in any tavern brawl!

    The Red Dragon Inn: Allies is a new series of expansions for any standalone The Red Dragon Inn game
  • After years spent in the pursuit of elemental power during which Ozrik caused a great deal of damage, he realized he had literally burned bridges behind him
  • Many of Ozrik’s cards have more powerful effects if you discard other cards from your hand
  • He’s still causing damage… only now he’s doing it for the right reasons!

    The Good: Ozrik’s phenomenal control of the elements is useful versus undead, monstrous humanoids, and other evil dungeon dwellers.

    The Bad: Side effects for Ozrik’s companions may include spontaneous combustion, static discharge, and clammy hands.

    The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Ozrik the Adept expands the party at the Red Dragon Inn with a brand new elementalist who is a master of manipulating his abilities

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