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The Remorseful Day (Colin Dexter)

  • Yvonne Harrison at her home in Oxfordshire had baffled the Thames Valley CID
  • Securely packaged to protect spine and edges of book.
  • Excellent copy
  • The manner of her death--her naked handcuffed body left lying in bed--matched her reputation as a women of adventuresome sexual tastes
  • Harrison was no stranger to Morse
  • Never has Morse performed more brilliantly than in this final adventure, whose masterly twists and turns through the shadowy byways of passion grip us to the death
  • For a year, the murder of Mrs
  • Lewis's loyalty to his infuriating boss slowly turns to deep distress as his own investigations suggest that Mrs
  • Signed by author with dedication
  • The case seemed perfect for Inspector Morse
  • Far from it
  • So why has he refused to become involved--even after anonymous hints of new evidence, even after a fresh murder? Sgt
  • Glued in news paper article
  • First edition hardback with some very minor shelf damage to dust jacket


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