KOOK11164 Trash Pack

The Trash Pack Trash Wheels Series 2 Blast Offs

  • Kids will find four Trash Wheels vehicles and a collector's guide lurking in this pack to help them identify which Trash Wheels characters are theirs
  • There are over 88 vehicles to collect with ultra rare furry rat racers and all new teams including Flying Filth, Parasite Patrol, Blast Offs, Spin Cycles, Odour Beaters and Sea Scrap! Suitable for ages 5 and above
  • Contents: 4 Trash Wheels vehicles, collectors guide.
  • The Trash Pack are a surprise you will love to find in any garbage bin! Collectable Trashies are the grossest monsters in town with over 170 to collect you will have hours of fun with this gross gang and all your friends! Your Trashies are split into 6 uber cool gross gangs The Grubz, Hard Rubbish, Bin-Sect, Bin-Critters, Bin Monsters and Bin Fections plus loads of cool top secret limited editions! Every Trashie has a different rarity - common, rare, ultra rare and limited edition the rarest of the rare even glow in the dark! Rev-up your Trash Wheels Collection with the all new series 2 Trash Wheels 4-Pack
  • But which Wheely gross Trashie will be hiding in the secret compartment of your pack? Check off which Trash Wheels are in your collection with the Collector Guide inside


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Age Range

5 years - 7 years




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