HYCO10004 Thera Band

Thera Band Exercise Band In Zipper Bag - 250cm

  • The new TheraBand™ resistance band dispensing system is the first to meet a number of unmet industry needs
  • Thera Band Exercise Band In Zipper Bag
  • It enables tracking unit-of-use sales and inventory; addresses the growing concern about staph infections in hospitals, nursing homes, and athletic team settings; meets FDA labeling requirements for latex warnings; and provides proper safety instructions to every patient.


Product Description

  • Each band insert, written in English, Spanish and French, refers patients to www.TheraBand™ Academy.com for free, printable exercises for all applications
  • It also provides the option of selling the product to customers who want to continue working with bands after their therapy ends and they do their exercises at home.
  • The system features single color resistance band dispensers with 30 individually wrapped 5-foot bands, each with its own latex warning, bar code, and safety instructions
  • Dispenser packs are available in the universally recognized TheraBand™ colors of yellow, red, green, blue, and black, the five most widely used TheraBand™ resistance bands.

    The new TheraBand™ Resistance Band Dispenser Packs allow healthcare professionals to convert the bands they distribute from an expense item to a revenue stream, or refer patients to TheraBand™ dealers and distributors for purchase.

    Most importantly, providing pre-wrapped bands to individuals helps limit cross-contamination between sick patients who otherwise would be sharing their equipment


Box Dimensions:

Each dispenser box has the following dimensions: 6"W x 10 ½" H x 4 3/8" D
Box Contents:

Each dispenser contains 30 pre-wrapped TheraBand™ latex resistance bands cut to 5-ft lengths. One color per box; specify when ordering.
Band dimensions:

5'L x 5.5"W (1.5m x 14cm)

Manufactured by

The Hygenic Corporation








Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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