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Thes de la Pagode Morri Green Jasmine Tea - 30 Bags

  • Morri is a great green tea from China, with a floral nose of jasmin flowers
  • Thes de la Pagode Morri Green Jasmine Tea
  • It is a very special top grade, the picking processing is made in the summer according to the traditional methods, in small aloft gardens.


Product Description

  • According this, a person drinking 2 cups of green tea everyday has two timeless of cognitive deficiency risk.

    Tonic, Morri is usually a drink for the memory, faculties for formulation and attention promotion
  • Drinking green tea is promoting attention, memory,increases spirit's vivacity, faculties for formulation and mood elevation according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • It contains all qualities of green tea, rich in antioxidants and potent catechins including the tonic jasmin flowers property
  • The theine will stimulate intellectual activity but without excitation that caffeine involves.

    Morri provides a remarkable health benefits with a refined and delicious taste.It is excellent
    at breakfast time, it is also a remarkable spicy food pairing.


Get infuse 1 tea bag during 5 minutes in 250 ml (2 or 3 cups) of freshly boiling water (95°C, never over-boiling water).


The care and the attention that « Thés de la Pagode » puts into the selection of greatest teas originated from China, over than 20 years, ensure both quality and medicinal health value, and this for the four kinds of tea: the fermented tea (black tea), the semi fermented tea (Oolong), the green tea and the white tea.

Each tea is the result of an original and exceptional blend. For example, the Hao Ling tea is a balanced combination of 5 great Pu-erh teas, to provide a medicinal virtue, a kick against cholesterol and a rare flavor with smoky wood aroma.

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