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Three Wooden Hoops - 6", 8" & 10"


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  • A hoop makes stitching easier by keeping your fabric taut while you work.

    These three wooden hoops are perfect for small needlecraft projects and easy to take anywhere

  • Pack of Three Wooden Hoops - 6", 8" & 10"

    While many small needlecraft and cross stitch projects can be stitched by just holding the canvas in your lap, using an embroidery hoop or frame to hold the work area tight for stitching can make the sewing work go more smoothly and easily.

    Mounting the canvas or fabric on a frame that holds the work area tight for stitching can be helpful in a number of ways:

    A taut fabric makes stitches easier to see and count.

    When the fabric is taut, stitches are more even, with more uniform tension on the yarn, which greatly reduces the need to block the project once it's completed to straighten distorted areas.

    Fabric on a frame needs less handling, so there is less wear and tear on the thread and the project stays clean even if it's worked on over months and years.

    An embroidery hoop consists of two rings that fit tightly together and a tightening mechanism such as a spring or screw

  • During the Summer they are ideal for taking out and about so there's no need to stop enjoying your favourite pastime.Size: 6", 8" and 10" diameter.

    Looking for other creative ideas on how to use hoops? Check out this fantasic book Hoop-La!


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