FAFS10817 Vivomed

Thumb Support Sports Supports - Right Medium

  • Vivomed Support
  • The brace is specifically developed to support the joint at the base of the thumb, (also called the MCP1) and thus is an ideal treatment for skiiers thumb
  • The PSB Thumb Brace is designed ro provide effective support for the thumb when the thumb joint has become unstable as a consequence of a sprain to the joint ligaments
  • The thumb brace leaves the wrist completely free and does not inhibit its movement which maximises comfort whilst the palm of the hand is also left free for good grip, and so it also makes it the perfect thumb support for use during sports
  • Easy to put on
  • The straps in the brace compensate for the instability caused by the damaged ligament in the joint and so aids in the treatment and recovery of the thumb
  • Tactel dry fit
  • This product is latex free and offers a medium level of Protection
  • sprain relief
  • surgical supports
  • Vivomed

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