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Thursday Cottage Lemon Curd - 310g

  • Delicious on bread or toast and useful for making puddings.


Product Description

  • The mixture is gently cooked in a double-boiler to create a range of rich, creamy confections
  • Curds are a particularly English concoction of fruit, sugar, eggs (fresh pasteurized free range) and pure country butter
  • Apart from our traditional award winning curds made with white sugar, we make an alternative lemon curd using raw sugar and vegetable margarine.
  • They are delicious on bread or toast and useful for making puddings
  • Our curds are popular even in overseas markets where such products are little known


Thursday Cottage is not just a cosy, made-up name on a jam-pot - it's a real cottage where our delicious range of jams, marmalades and curds were first produced.

Likewise all Thursday Cottage preserves are real products, just like your mother or grandmother made at home - full of fruit and natural flavours but with no harmful additives or any of the chemical preservatives that can be found in mass produced products.

And, because we make nothing other than jams, marmalades and curds, all our efforts are concentrated on making them, we hope, the best in the world.

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