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Time Master 2 (9130)

  • Also handy for scheduling flight crews
  • If you're in accounting, use it to easily figure your employee payroll using the time and rate keys
  • Or if you're in television or radio broadcasting, use the time and stopwatch keys for accurate production/editing
  • Instantly solve: Time-math problems (e.g., add, subtract or convert h:m:s) Timecard/payroll calculations Stopwatch/timer Plus, works as a regular calculator Durable and portable Includes: User's Guide Protective Case Long-Life Battery 1-Year Warranty
  • Time Calculator with Built-in Stopwatch For Pilots/Aviation Pro's, Accounting, TV/Radio Broadcasting and Athletics Finally! An inexpensive and easy-to-use handheld Time Calculator for adding and subtracting hours, minutes and seconds! If you're a pilot or flight attendant, this calculator is extremely handy for tracking hours on duty--so you don't exceed your maximum flight hours! Use it to figure daily, weekly or monthly hours worked to maintain an accurate Flight Log
  • The Time Master II also operates as an audible Stopwatch/Timer for athletics departments or other applications
  • And it functions as a regular calculator, so you can use if for everyday math calculations


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