LRRS10953 Time Tracker

Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock

  • It's never been easier…or more fun to keep kids on track with this unique lighted electronic timer
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  • Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock
  • Suitable for ages 3-13 years


Product Description

  • You can easily program green, yellow and red sections and six sound effects to indicate that time is running out
  • Lighted sections alert kids to time left to complete a task
  • It teaches time management!

    Perfect For:
    Study sessions
    Practice tests
    Hearing-impaired individuals
    Free play time
    Quiet time


Learning Resources is a leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms worldwide and learning toys. For more than 20 years, Learning Resources has been a trusted source for teachers and parents for quality, award-winning educational products in math, science, language, language arts, reading, early childhood, measurement, Spanish, ELL and ESL teaching, time and money.

Product brands include Reading Rods, Pretend & Play, Gears! Gears! Gears!, Power of Science, Three Bear Family and Cuisenaire Rods. Product types include games, puzzles, card games, bingo games, board games, floor mats, floor puzzles, wooden puzzles, classroom kits, electronics, books, reading manipulatives, math manipulatives, pocket charts, activity books, activity kits, science kits, creativity and fine motor skills.


Special Needs Applications - Key Features and Benefits

Cognitive, Communicative, Physical and Sensory :

- For children who have attention deficit disorder, the changing of the lights and the sound effects can help a child stay on or get back on target.
- Children with autism have difficulty with transitions. This light provides auditory and visual warnings to prepare the child for the upcoming change.
- For children who have a difficult time transitioning to another task, this light provides auditory and visual warnings to prepare the child for the upcoming change.
- Provides visual and auditory cues, allowing children with hearing impairments and children with visual impairments to benefit from this time management tool.
- For children with learning disabilities, who may take longer to read or test, this unit can be set for the full “class period” and the child can get a visual and auditory cue to start wrapping up – if it is something he cannot have unlimited time to complete. Additionally, children may be a bit more comfortable when testing if they know they will get a warning when time is running low, rather than have an abrupt ending, which doesn’t give them time to prepare to finish.
- Oftentimes children with disabilities need medication throughout the day. The Time Tracker can assist teachers in remembering to administer those medications.
- Children with disabilities function best when they have a set routine and the Time Tracker can facilitate daily patterns.
- A reactive strategy for disciplining a child with a disability can be “time out”. The Time - Tracker can work as a child’s indication when time out begins and ends.
- Children who have trouble with appropriate social interactions can use this to assist with turn taking and patience. The child with a “desired toy” can have it for the set amount of time. The lights and sounds help prepare him for the end of his play time with that toy. When the buzzer goes off and red light turns on, he must turn it over to the other child – who has been watching the Time Tracker and patiently waiting his turn. The waiting child also has visual and auditory clues, which helps him remain patient.


Features 180° viewing, large, easy-to-read LCD display, volume control and pause feature.
Measures 9" H.
Requires AC Adapter (LER 2901) or 4 AA batteries, not included.

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Age Range

3 years - 13 years




Expected Despatch By 08/11/2016
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