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TOC BEADZ Bead-It Ring Holds One Bead, Fits Pandora


Product Description

  • This is the newest design to hit the streets - a bead ring to wear your beads on!!! The bead has a screw in and out rod onto which you can slide your beads on, and it just makes a change from the regular chain that everyone has been wearing their beads on
  • TOC BEADZ Bead-It Ring Holds One Slide-On and Slide-Off Bead, Fits Pandora
  • Its up to you to choose what bead you ant to put on the ring, you can just buy yourself the one you like, or else you take one that you have on your bracelet, and just screw it onto your ring
  • We have a full range of these fab rings, beads, bangles and bracelets so dont be the only one without one!!! And whats more, we sell the beads separately, so you can choose some of your own, and design the bracelet yourself by adding some more beads to it! Your Branded TOC Beadz Ring is made of base metal and care should be taken when wearing it to avoid tarnishing
  • Base metal can be affected by: *Water - if you shower with it, or wash up with it etc, *Sweat - if you exercise etc with the bracelet, *Aerosols - perfumes, deodorants, after shave etc *Chemicals - such as sprays, polish or cleaning materials *Body acids - natural acids present in the body react with the metal This is not a manufacturing fault, but rather the reaction of certain liquids and chemicals with the base metalÆs natural properties
  • Please be aware of these factors which could react with the metal and cause it to tarnish, and take care to avoid these problems so that you have many happy hours of wear.


Height: 1
Width: 1
Lenght: 1
Metal type: Base Metal
Creation method: natural
Treatment method: Not-treated

Manufactured by

Direct Diamond Centre









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