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Tomed SomnoGuard SP Soft

  • Tomed SomnoGuard SP Soft mandibular advancement device (MAD) is a two-part adjustable appliance with improved comfort and greater durability.


Product Description

  • Each of the two identical hard polycarbonate trays is filled with a soft copolymer which, when heated, takes perfect impressions of the teeth for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Two-part incrementally adjustable mandibular advancement device
  • From a choice of six different lengths, a pair of equal length connectors are fitted, one either side of the device, to couple the two parts together to a maximum advancement of 10mm.

    SomnoGuard SP Soft can be worn by patients with retrognathia (a receeding lower jaw / weak chin).
  • The connecting mechanism is on the cheek side of the device rather than the tongue side so the design provides unrestricted space for the tongue


Tomed Dr. Toussaint GmbH is a medical enterprise founded in 1997 focusing on products for sleep disorders, obstetrics & gynecology.


Moulded easily at home in about 10 minutes one tray at a time.
Can be moulded over and over again.
Comfortable and small.
Incremental advancement of the lower jaw up to 10mm.
Impression material in the channels grips the teeth firmly.
Excellent retention in the mouth during sleep.
Suitable if you have a few missing teeth.
Very low bite opening, i.e., the distance between the upper and lower incisors is only about 2 or 3mm.
2-piece design allows side-to-side movement of the jaw.
Mouth breathing possible - useful if you have a cold.
No metals used.
Spare set of connectors included.
Lightweight and durable construction.

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5 out of 5
By LP25 | Posted on: 22/09/2013

It works!

I'm very pleased with the product. Takes a bit of getting used to and I find I can't use it every night as you do get an aching jaw the next day so a night off now and again does you good. Have remoulded twice and am now happy with the fit. The best thing is it works. I think I am sleeping better and it has definitely stopped the snoring. If anyone is looking for a solution to their snoring problem this could be it. Thank you


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