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Tonus Body Mass Calculator

  • For body fat measurements, all you need is a tape measure or body fat weight, it automatically calculates BMI and Lean Body Mass
  • The Tonus Body Mass Calculator is the perfect tool to use at home or the gym to calculate BMI, Body Fat %, and Lean Body Mass
  • One button with 4 positions controls all functions and entries.


Product Description

  • The formulas are built in and a single button controls all functions by populating the display with initial numbers
  • The Tonus Body Mass Calculator is the first digital handheld device (and the easiest way) to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Fat %, and Lean Body Mass
  • Navy's and Department of Defense techniques
  • BMI is then displayed as well
  • · Tonus uses the CDC-approved formula for BMI
  • Tens of thousands of armed services personnel around the globe are routinely measured for body fat and physical readiness standards using the simplest tool in the world – a tape measure!
    · Bodybuilders, Sports Medicine Doctors, and Personal Trainers use the most accurate 3-site (Jackson and Pollack) body fat formulas and techniques, especially for active adults
  • Simply measure 2 or 3 sites using the most accurate, easiest, and consistent method in the world
  • Batteries, instructions, body fat measurement charts and directions, and BMI and Body Fat info included in package
  • · Calculating Body Fat % is simple and accurate using the U.S
  • Any caliper can be used with the Tonus Body Mass Calculator
  • All you need to know is height and weight
  • · Lean Body Mass is generated once body fat % is determined


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