SEFP10001 Tonus

Tonus PE - BMI & Growth Calculator

  • You only need to know your child’s height, weight, and age
  • Why wait a whole year to get the most important information about your child? One button with 4 positions controls all functions and entries.
  • The Tonus BMI and Growth Calculator is the first portable digital tool to use at home with your children, to calculate BMI and BMI percentiles, as well as their height and weight percentiles


Product Description

  • It is a useful screening tool to identify weight categories that may lead to health problems as your child develops.
  • Knowing your child’s BMI and BMI percentile is the best way to know if your child is overweight


Sequoia Fitness Products USA is an international health and fitness product development company. Our products focus on helping our customers achieve their fitness and weight or body fat goals. Collectively, our staff has over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, sales, and marketing of health, fitness, and medical devices. Most of our products are first tested in the bodybuilding industry, where the needs of elite athletes are extremely demanding.

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