EPCR10259 Top Gourmet

Top Gourmet Pizza Peel Black - 21" x 14"

  • Top Gourmet Pizza Peel Black
  • The beveled front edge helps to scoop the perfect pie from the oven and the hole in the handle makes for a convenient hanging option

Product Description

  • The Pizza Peel won't necessarily help you to hand toss the dough, but it just might make you want to; it works great with frozen pizzas as well
  • The beveled front edge helps to scoop the perfect pie from the oven and the hole in the handle makes for a convenient hanging option


Preheat oven to 450°. Create favorite pizza on Pizza Peel. Put pizza in oven using Peel. Take pizza out using Peel when cheese is golden brown. Slice pizza on Peel in desired shapes. Serve pizza right-off Peel. Enjoy home cooked pizza. Put Pizza Peel in dishwasher.


TopGourmet Cutting Surfaces are premium grade, commercial cutting boards for home and catering use. Ideal for all food preparation and serving, they are essential utensils for every well-equipped kitchen. The surfaces are enjoyable to use, won't dull knives and are dishwasher safe. TopGourmet Cutting Surfaces are made from Richlite, an environmentally friendly natural wood fibre composite laminate. For more than 40 years Richlite has been a surface preferred by chefs in restaurants and commercial kitchens worldwide. TopGourmet Cutting Surfaces and Richlite bring this premium grade commercial surface to the home. With functional designs and exclusive surface properties, TopGourmet Cutting Surfaces are a cut above the rest.


Dishwasher safe: easily sanitized dishwasher. Eco friendly: made using materials that leave a low carbon footprint. Knife friendly: Will not dull knives by allowing surface to slightly score, protecting knife edge. Heat resistant: Heat resistant to 350 ºF/ 176 ºC (Can be used as a trivet without leaving a blemish). Forest Stewardship Foundation Approved. National Sanitary Foundation Approved.

About Range

Turn your kitchen into a pizzeria! Epicurean® Pizza Peels won't help you hand toss the dough, but you may be inspired to try. Build or place your pizza right on the peel and then slide it off onto your preheated oven rack or pizza stone. The beveled edge makes it easy to scoop your perfect pie from the oven when the cheese is hot and bubbly. Because these peels are made with the same material as our cutting boards, there is no need to transfer - just slice and serve (using your Epicurean® Pizza Cutter, of course).


SIZE: 23x14 in. THICKNESS: 3/16 in. COLOR: Slate. Made in USA.

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