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Topeak Super Tourist DX Disc Rack Black

  • They are also becoming more affordable and appearing on more bikes, including all kinds of tourers and hybrids, but what happens when you want to fit a pannier rack?If you have a bike with disc brakes you might find that a standard rack won't fit, as the brake caliper mounts onto the frame and can get in the way of a normal pannier rack.Enter the Super Tourist DX.This rear rack from Topeak is made from sturdy tubular 10mm section 6061 T6 aluminium, so is light weight and rust free, and is specifically designed to fit on bikes with disc brakes.Not only can it carry your pannier, but being a Topeak DX type rack means that it also has a Topeak 'Quick-Track' on top which nicely fits Topeak rack packs, giving the option of well organised extra luggage space.Includes bracket at the rear for lights or reflector.
  • Topeak Super Tourist DX Disc RackDisc brakes are so much more effective than those that act on your wheel rim, especially if it's wet or your wheel is not exactly true


Product Description

Topeak Super Tourist DX Disc Rack

  • Solid built-in mudshield
  • 6061 T6 tubular aluminium and stainless steel fitting bracket
  • Hollow tube O/D:10.2mm
  • Rear light bracket
  • One size fits all frames

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