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Topsy Turnabout Doll Knitting & Crochet

  • Here is a wonderful Topsy-Turnabout Doll which can be transformed 'like magic' into four different Fairy Tale characters.By reversing the doll from back to front and turning upside down, she can be changed from Little Red Riding Hood to Little Miss Muffet, then from Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma to Old Mother Hubbard.The doll's four faces have different expressions and each has a cap or bonnet which hides the reversed face.There are numerous charming accessories and items of removable clothing appropriate to each character. Also included are lovable little pets - Grandma's white kitten, Old Mother Hubbard's dog and Little Miss Muffet's enormous spider.The Doll measures 28cm (11") from the hem of the 'under' skirt to the top of the head which is on view.Created with oddments of double knitting yarn.The reversible aspect is shown in the photographs. The dolls' faces have different expressions and each has a cap or bonnet which hides the reversed face. Topsy also has many removable accessories which add to the enjoyment and story-telling. They can all be popped on and off by means of tied bows or snap fasteners.The first reversible 'back to front' pair features Red Riding Hood's Grandma and Old Mother Hubbard. Both have old-fashioned mob-caps.Grandma's bottle of tonic certainly seems to have brought the roses back to her cheeks. She has the sweetest little kitten to keep her company and a get-well card from Red Riding Hood. And yes, the get-well message is included in the instructions.Old Mother Hubbard is obviously disappointed to find that the cupboard is bare and there are no bones for her doggy. However, Jean saves the day by making a knitted shopping list for Mother Hubbard's pocket.Reversing the skirts reveals Little Miss Muffet and Red Riding Hood.Miss Muffet has lovely golden ringlets which are in fact part of her bonnet. Of course the spider is a whopper - is it any wonder that she spills her curds and whey? Or could it be because he is wearing a top hat?Red Riding Hood has a basket of knitted treats which she is taking to her Grandma - a delicious miniature cake, an apple, orange and also a bunch of flowers.


Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


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