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Tornado Swish - Auto Dish Wash For Automatic Machines - 5 Litre

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  • Removes grease and heavy soilage equally well in soft, medium and hard water areas
  • Contains a new type of AMPHOTERIC SURFACTANT with special molecules.
  • Concentrated, high active, low foaming, dish wash detergent


Product Description

  • which helps prevent tannin far longer than conventional dish wash products and leaves crockery cleaner, brighter and with an enhanced glaze. Suitable for use in all types and makes of AUTOMATIC DISH WASHING MACHINES BENEFITS AND FEATURES *For use in all types of Auto Dish Washing Machines *Concentrated high active formulation *Helps prevent tannin and soil being re-deposited *Effective in either hard or soft water *Leaves crockery cleaner, brighter and shining *Low foaming properties *Controls the build up of hard water scale *Very economical in use WHERE TO USE Recommended for use in all Auto Dish Washing Machines in kitchens, canteens, restaurants and hotels. HOW TO USE Ideally dispensed into Auto Dish Washing Machines through an electronic dispenser at a ratio of 1-3 ml per litre, depending on soilage and water hardness, or in accordance with the machine manufacturers information. COMPOSITION Contains a blend of sodium hydroxide solution, sequestering agent, amphoteric surfactant and dye.

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