Torreon Jamon Iberico Bellota 42-month +/- 7.5kg

  • Yes, that is possible, and yes, since you ask, it is worth every single penny, as you can't buy it just anywhere, plus Torreon happens to be one of the top 10 Iberico suppliers in existence! Thanks to the extra-long maturing process, the meat becomes almost candy-like; its sweet-salt, buttery, slightly chewy taste is as close as you can get to meat dessert (although with an undeniable musky edge which reminds you of its larder hibernation), and it resembles long strips of coral or ruby as it glides off the bone
  • Presenting the El Dorado of Iberico pork, the big cheese of charcuterie, that veteran of the board....the 42 month aged ham
  • The soft marbling of fat (a by-product of the acorn-rich diet of the Iberico pig) needs time to reach utter perfection, and, while delicious earlier on in the process, is especially luscious by the time the ham reaches this age
  • You won't believe what your taste buds are telling you.


Product Description

  • NB: 4-6 weeks of shelf life - cut regularly to avoid going stale.

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