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Toy Collection

  • They measure just 10cm (4in) when standing and have movable arms and legs so they can stand up or sit down
  • These chubby charmers are both knitted with two strands of yarn and take no time to make
  • The picnic cloth is spread with a feast of knitted cakes, sandwiches and lemonade.The Octopus mascot is a must for football fans - with his eight legs you will have four centre forwards instead of one! He can’t possibly miss the goal
  • From the top of his head to the soles of his boots the Octopus measures 26cm (10¼in)
  • A matching twisted cord is added to each leg, providing a fun method of teaching children to tie shoe laces and at the same time identify colours
  • Knit the socks and removable hat and scarf in your own team colours
  • We have often spotted this fellow at football matches, sometimes on top of a supporter’s head!The basic Octopus pattern can also be used to make a toy, with each sock knitted in a different colour
  • a game in itself.Adults absolutely love our adorable Grandpa and Grandma Humpty Dumpties
  • These senior citizens measure 18cm (7in) in the seated position and knit up quite quickly using double yarn
  • Can’t you just picture this loving couple sitting together on a cosy armchair by your fireside? For Christmas you will find eight novelty Tree Decorations from Crackers to Baubles, Snow People and Christmas Puddings
  • Try counting the cave people ..
  • There’s so much going on in this prehistoric land - dinosaurs and flying reptiles watch as cavemen dig their allotment, invent the wheel and play eggball (ancient football!) It’s such fun, the children will think you have given them a picture book
  • The Crackers measure about 10cm (4in) in length.Still on a wintry theme, there are boy and girl Sweet Little Snowballs
  • In both versions the legs can be posed in various positions for extra play value.Jean’s prehistoric world of Dinosaurs and Stoneage People is packed full of humour
  • The little cave people are only 4cm (1½in) high yet every one is an individual with a different facial expression
  • The slightest variation in the facial stitches can create different expressions of happiness, surprise, worry etc
  • In the Toy Collection Pattern Booklet, it introduces a group of irresistible characters - a variety of ten toys that are great to knit.This booklet features a splendid variety of entertaining designs, ranging from mascots to decorations and playthings.The tiny bears in the Teddy Bears' Picnic are spending a lovely day in the sunshine
  • The Snowballs measure 9cm (3½in) when seated.Bunny Family, Mummy and Daddy are 18cm (7in) high and Little Bunny 12cm (4¾in) including the ears.



Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


Stitchmaster 1 Year Warranty SM02


  • 10 Designs
  • Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Sweet Little Snowballs
  • The Bunny Family
  • Octopus: Can either be a mascot or toy
  • Little Men and Monsters
  • Christmas Tree Trims
  • Grandpa and Grandma Humpty Dumpty

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